How to click/type into a popup window

Hi all,

I am using Studio X and already read some articles but still dont know how to indicate element in the popup window. (Already under “use application/browser”)

I try to click/type into second popup window from IE page. For example : Print > Find Printer

However, error message showed as below. Appreciate if anyone can help. thanks

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Hi @Jason_Wu

Use attach windows activity to click find printer…l


In Ui explorer go to click on option and in dropdown select Ui framework and change the option to active accessibility form Ui Automation.


You are almost done

Before using a click or type into activity use a USE APPLICATION/BROWSER activity and select that pop up as a target application

Then inside that use click or type into activity

You will be able to perform then

Hope this would help you

Cheers @Jason_Wu

thanks @Palaniyappan it’s workable now.

For second popup window, I need to insert use application/browser again (it will indicate as explorer.exe) then I can add following steps.

thank you!

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Glad it got resolved @Jason_Wu

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