How to swift the license from UiPath Enterprise to Community Edition

Hi All, I have just installed the UiPath Studio for trial verison. When i launch the UiPath Studio try to connect with DefaulTenang, i got the error prompted saying that “There are no available licenses on the server”

I have further check from UiPath cloud, the license was point to Enterprise Edition. Is this the reason causing the license issue? How can i start with community Edition if Enterprise already activated.

Hi @Hima

The first thing to check would be the Available licenses under Admin → Licenses in Automation Cloud and then Orchestrator ones under Admin → Tenants and then

Hi Maciej,

under Admin Licenses

Orchestrator one as below

when i sign into studio, it direct me to a uipath page saying a dialog will be prompted, but i did not get any window opens

I was not able to connect to studio because of message “There are no available licenses on the server”, while i have confirm enterprise trial is turn on

Could you go to the Tenants tab and then click this button for your Service tenant?

I think you have to assign some licenses to that tenant this way.