Studio: There are no available licenses on the server

Hi UiPath Forum,
I am new and in the process of creating my first project. I can seem to log in to Studio. when I login to Studio, I get the following error, “Connection Failed: There are no available licenses on the server”

I have allocated the ‘Automation Developer - Named User’ to this user. but when I check the user profile 'license = n/a"

Also, just to be clear I am using the 60day free version, if it has any impact. According to the Associate training, it does not. Or so I thought.


For now, can you check Admin - Settings- Advanced - UserLicense mangement is enabled in AutomationCloud?



Hello @aaron.porter

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I believe you haven’t allocated the license and that is why you are getting this error. Please check the below video to understand the license allocation and then try to connect again.


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Hi @Yoichi ,
Thank you for the reply. I am showing my User license management as enabled.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan Thank you for the warm welcome and thank you for the solution! The video worked.

For all others you need assistance I was missing an important step(step 4 below). This is the path I had to follow to have to assign a license properly

  1. Automation Cloud > Accounts & Groups > Users & Groups > Create User(and assign license)
  2. Accept invitation from newly created user in your email
  3. Automation Cloud > Orchestrator > Tenant > Manage Access > Assign Roles (Assign robot to new user)
  4. Sign into UI Assistant
  5. Sign in to Studio

Cheers and Happy November!

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Good to hear that… :slight_smile:

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