Licensing issue with 2019.10

I just upgraded my studio from 2019.2 to 2019.10.2, and the following occurs:

I’ve never used the enterprise license key on this PC so I’m not sure why this is showing. Anyone able to help out on this?


Welcome to our uipath community.

I guess you installed Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio here.

If you don’t have Enterprise licence then install Community Edition of Uipath studio and connect this machine with Orchestrator and it will acquire license from Orchestrator and then it will be activated.

Hey @lakshman

I got 2019.10 from here though:

edit: it doesnt allow links but you get the idea. This link was from the cloud platform

In fact, my Program Files (x86) does not have the UiPath folder, so I doubt the .msi was used too. Everything has been here since the last time:


In any case, do you have any idea on how to get the community license back?


I suggest you uninstall all Uipath studio’s Installed in this Machine and delete uipath folder under appData folder and then go to and then go to Resource Center page and install Uipath Community Edition.

And then follow other steps an mentioned in previous post to activate Uipath studio.

Hi @lakshman,

Thanks for the suggestion, however, it’s still not working. Do I need to raise a request to UiPath for this?

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Uipath won’t give any support for Community Edition.