How to structure values to generate data table in Uipath?

I take value from pdf and use it to generate table activity to create a table which looks like below

when the values are in single page there is no problem in generating data table.

But when the table stretches to multiple pages then because of the page number and header of the invoice the values which are in the next page doesn’t not follow the same pattern as before.

I tried removing the words highlighted in yellow using regex. But even then due to spacing issue( I believe) that the table is not generating like above.

PS: The new page might not always start with Total. I might have more than one row as well. I have just shared this as an example.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @sunilkanth

You can use the Generate Datatable activity which converts the text format to datatable format.

Hope it helps!!

Yes I use generate activity. But it only works if the values are in same page. If the values stretch to next page then it doesn’t produce the desired result.

Okay @sunilkanth

Use Read Pdf Text activity to read the pdf and store it in a String variable after that use generate datatable activity. After that use generate datatable activity to change the String to datatable.

Hope you understand!!

Yes Mahesh I do the same.
Step1. Read whole Pdf and store in variable
Step2. From that variable select required text using Regex
Step3. Now pass that into generate table activity and generate the table.

This works perfectly only if the table is in single page. If the table moves to next page then the format of the page changes due to spacing issue. Hence it generate additional columns

@Yoichi Can you help me with this issue?

@Anil_G Can you help me with this issue?