Example of Using the Generate Data Table Activity

I used uipath example for Generate Data Table Activity and when tried to iterate using for each row control does not go inside for each row activity and directly jump to output datatable.

Anyone please explain why it does not iterate ?


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Hi @Vinodkumar_Kalkumbe,

Please check row count for the DT1 datatable,

put this in writeline before for each loop


If row count is 0 then it will not go inside for each loop.


The table has data added using the Generate Data Table Activity (total of 03 rows). It prints the data using OutputDataTable activity but does not iterate in for each row.


In my opinion the example is wrong.
If you add a “Write Line” after “Generate Data Table” you will see that you have 0 rows and not 3.
The solution for me was to change CSVParsing property in “True” and the Input string will look like this:



Hope that it helps.


Hello @loginerror,

Can you please check again the example from documentation page and if it’s wrong, to redirect to corresponding team to fix it? Thank you.

Thank you, it is working now.

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