Generate Data Table From Text

In UiPath documentation from Generate Data Table From Text description panel, it should be Generates a DataTable variable from unstructured text, rather than Generates a DataTable variable from structured text.

Thank You

Hi @Pallav_Sandilya

Interesting take on it. Personally, I feel like it is actually correct, in a sense that it can generate a data table only if the text is structured like one, i.e. using commas as separator.

Could you shine your view on it specifically? :smiley:

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I think you are correct @loginerror because the data should be structured in some way to make use of it …through my understanding we can generate data from unstructured by using screen scraping method. It makes it confusing from an examination point of view.

Thank you for the additional context, you are right, in this case we’re referring to “structured text” as content we know how to parse - i.e. columns are separated by commas, lines by new lines etc. For cases where we can’t define a structure, we shouldn’t be able to generate a data table and it would leave the text unchanged so I would say it would be excluded.