How to store all value in one variable

Hi All,

How to store all value in one variable so that we can match that value in Excel table.

i am attaching my code snippet and error as well.Code snippet.docx (55.3 KB)


Any help will be appreciated.

Could you please elaborate your query… !

Hi @ManiPrajwal_K
Actually i have one table which contains lot of column like initials, name and dept etc, i need to scrap the text value of each column and store it in one variable.
i used get text activity to scrap the text and store it in variable like snames, sinitials etc and then want to make another variable which can hold all the values, so that i can match the value with excel data.but getting the error which is attached.
note- the text is changing for different users
kindly find the codesnipet for your reference.

i am getting error while printing the values itself using message box

You could try the following to get all the values into one variable. However be warned I am unsure if matching this against a excel table will work as you intend:

code snippet for assign FullVariable + " " +row(count).ToString

This will put all the datatable into one string variable with no spaces in-between. If I was misunderstanding the query please let me know and I will try and guide further. Again just a warning, I am unsure of exactly what you are trying to achieve with this but it may not work as you wish.

Hi @JosephNehl ,

Thanks for replying.

i have above table, and i want to get the text value of each column(Like initials, name etc) and want want to store all the value in a single variable, then need to open excel file which is connected to database and there i need to search for the details like(Name, initials etc). if it matches then need to perform next step.
i have attached my code, i am not able to get the text value of all the column and store in one variable. kindly let me know where i am doing mistake.
i hope this time you would have understand my issue.