Looping and found value

Hello Team

i am trying to store a all value which i got from loop, how can i store that all value, mean when process is run its did the data scraping and store that text into one variable
for next run its store another value with same variable and with the help of message box activity i have display but i want to store all 10 value after that i want to calculate them and found one value after formula

how can i do that

@Khawaja_Junaid There are different ways for storing those values. Below are the 2 methods for doing the process.

  1. You can store those values into “datatable” by using add “Datarow” activity.

  2. You can store those values into “Collections(list …)” by using add “Add To Collection” activity.

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Hi @Manjuts90,
You can create a list of strings and assign the variable into the list and at last loop through the list for the list of strings.
listName = new List(of string)
Use add to collection activity to add to the list and for each loop to iterate through the list.
If you find it useful mark it as solution and close the thread.If any queries ping me.