How to start a test set with specific input?

Hi all,

i’m currently starting with the first test automation cases. Unfortunately i can’t figure out how to start a test case with specific input variables. In usual process (ReFramework) i can just set a in_Argument on Main level and that is shown in orchestrator.

Any ideas how to handover input data directly in Orchestrator? I would like to avoid having a additional excel/csv file the robot reads out to gather the input data, as it is additional effort for the business department.


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Hi @schwarzp

does that link help:

Managing Test Data Queues in Orchestrator

Overview Manage test data queues and queue items in Orchestrator. Newly created test data queues are empty but you can upload queue items based on your defined JSON schema, either directly in Orchestrator, or through Studio. JSON schema definition To…

Hi @schwarzp,

Have you tried creating data driven test case?

Other thing you can try is test data queues as suggested by @anob.


Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,

when i remember correctly data driven test cases only work with a fixed excel/csv file. I don’t want the end users to change the current execution data in an excel file and then switch to orchestrator to start the test execution.

i would prefere to have something like in the usual start job in orchestrator where you can handover values to your Arguments from Main file.


Hi @anob,

thanks for your reply. I thought about that one, but never got it working properly for me. And still wondering if it would be possible then to fill in the test data queue via orchestrator. i think you would need some robot or api call to fill the values than.


If you want to run a test set with certain values for certain arguments, you can set them directly on the test set (there is an Arguments option in the edit page). But this will work only for that execution
If you want to run the same test case multiple times, with different arguments values for each run, you must use either Data Variations (and you will have to update the data in Studio and re-publish each time you want to change it) or Test Data Queues (by the way, there is an option to upload items in Orchestrator, in CSV format).

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Hi @schwarzp,

yes, I like the idea with the robot. We use them often to prepare the test landscapes.
The biggest challenge is usually finding a test landscape that has the right level to run the tests.

Whats your experience regarding this?


@agi your first two suggestions are not feasible for us, as we want to start the testsets automatically with different input parameters.

could you help me with the data queues? Do you have any easy example for me? I think it would be a viable way to update a new queue item to data queue via api and then just start the test set execution via api

@anob, i’m not a fan of having a robot to handover testdata as the colleague who hands over the data needs an uipath installation or lets say an additional application instead of just reusing the parameters from there testcase in azure devops or whatever they use.

@anob @agi sorry for late reply. Now i’m focusing on the test automation stuff again.

I got the test data queues working for me and they seem pretty solid for me now. Only thing i’m wondering whats the best practice for working with it?

I have 5 un-consumed items in my queue. All items should be processed and i want verification for each item if it was successful or not. how would i implement that?

@schwarzp: Verification of the items is in the Test Case Workflow. So would use verification activity, iterate through queue and check each item.

Additional idea could be that you count test queue items and check at the end if all have been processed. But that would only be a quantitative check.

@anob thanks for your response. But then i have only one test case execution with 5 results/verifications inside. From an end user perspective thats not handy at all. Think about large test data queues containing 100 or more un-consumed items. User then has to go through the log / assertions to check which was successful and which failed? thats not nice at all.

I’m missing here the features of standard Queue. They are really easy to check, you get error message, status etc. Only the stuff from verification acitivity is missing for me here.