How to manage test data in test manager or orchestrator?

Hi, guys.
I have two questions.
If anyone has any insights about this, it would be appreciate if you could share them.

① How to manage test data in test manager or orchestrator?

② Is there any way to specify multiple test data from the Orchestrator test data queue and have a single test robot process them in order?

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Hope this would help you resolve this

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Hi @111962
Do you have any further query on this
Did the above thread help us resolve this

Thank you for your reply.

I already know what the above link says, but I still found it a bit inconvenient when I actually used it.

The answer to question ②:Am I correct in understanding that this is not possible?

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We can use Get Test Data Queue Item which will Extracts a DataRow from a specified TestDataQueue
But this can done inside a loop to handle multiple queue items in a queue

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If the Datatable I know the loop range in advance, I think it is possible to implement it in some loop in Studio pro.

However, after publishing a certain Test Case to Orchestrator, is it possible for the testers to directly specify the test data queue item from the test data queue and execute multiple tests in order?

In other words.
I’ve tested the following two activities and understand how they work, but when I run a test set using 2), only one queue item is consumed. can I process multiple items in order with a single run button like a data-driven tester? Can we manage test data more efficiently?
1)Bulk add test data queue
2)Get test data queue item

If you have any Specific examples, it would be helpful.