How to split data using UiPath studio activities?

Hi Team,

I have a requirement of splitting the data for the below string using space as delimiter –
The flood map for the selected area is number 06037C1620F, effective on 09/26/2008

Kindly let me know how to split data using UiPath studio activities,

Thanks in advance.

@chirag, We have many posts and samples for your requirement in forum. Kindly refer those before you post,

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Dominic :slight_smile:

Hi @chirag,
YourString.split(" ".c) this command returns value in string array.
by iterating that array you can get your requirement.
We have an Activity called Split String in Uipath
Both are performing same.

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you can use
functions to split data’s
eg)hello world
variable_name.ToString.Split(" “c)(0) means it takes “hello”
variable_name.ToString.Split(” "c)(1) means it takes “world”

hi pro,
for example, i need to split “lo” in eg) hello world,, how i can split it?

i refered below topic, but i could not do work.