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I am new to UiPath. I have done some of the online learning and I have browsed some of the forums but I am stuck in situation.

I have scraped information from a web page storing basic employee information. Most of the sections were broken up and could be individually scraped as so:
(job title)
but one section was not able to be separated as it was organized as:
(department) | (location)

I have the value returning itself into a string variable and then I have the string splitting into a string array with “|” as the delimiter - stringToSplit.Split("|"c)

I am then trying to pass that into separate variables and that is where I am getting an error that sounds like my string is not splitting correctly.

0 string array

0 string assign

Any help would be appreciated.

Kindly mention that variable in WRITELINE ACTIVITY so that we would be able to see the value we get
And if possible Can I have a view on this output panel

Then we can come up with a string manipulation method
So far your expression is fine

Cheers @Valendro

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I have actually found my mistake as I am looking at it. The problem is with the selectors. It was grabbing incorrect information and could not find the “|” character to split the string.

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