UIPATH : Package SplitString Activities

Hello guys !
I need your help for one Sequence of my Project,
I would like to use SplitString activities but i didn’t find the package…

If you know the name of the Package please help me ! :slight_smile:

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Workflow Manager Activities

Although you can do a split in an assign activity fairly easily instead :slight_smile:


Instead of that activities try this one:


                Eg: yourString.Split(" ".ToCharArray)

Fine buddy @AmauryCarlier
Go to manage packages in design tab → click on official tab → search as Microsoft.Activities → Install it buddy
we will be getting the split string activity in the activity panel like this

Cheers @Ellboy


When I install Microsoft.Activities there is something else happening in my Studio. All white text is going to blue and because I use Dark mode I cannot read it anymore.

Is this a bug of the package? Can someone confirm this? I’m using latest Studio version.

may i know what is the version of uipath studio
Cheers @kwoxer

Studio 2019.9.2

To give you an idea of how it looks like, here of the ReFramework. Look on the blue text

but nearly all colours are now freaked out…

and the breadcrumb


Hello, I am trying to find the package for spiting data by comma in Excel.

I have studio version 202010.2