Split a variable with multiple spaces in uipath

i have to split a string on the basis of 1 space or 5 spaces in uipath
please help

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you can use split function,

ArrayVariable = Split(Var1," ")

hey i need it for 1 space or 5 spaces only but this does not works
i am using this

Can you share an example string

10111 9130 19.119.793,01 19.119.793,01

it is not showing the spaces properly.
i have 1 space or 5 spaces in the string

@Mz12 Can you tell whats the input and whats the output you are expecting with example

input is 10111 (5 spaces here) 9130 (5 spaces here) 19.119.793,01 (1 space here) 19.119.793,01
and i need it to split and get assigned to an array of strings

@Mz12 Check attached file

Main.xaml (6.7 KB)


its working thanks alot