How to specify output path for published process?

On 16th Feb a question was asked about why a process published and run in Assistant did not appear to update the correct spreadsheet. MVP Yoichi made the answer I have pasted below. Thank you for that.

This is exactly the problem I am experiencing. But could Yoichi or someone else explain how to specify the absolute path of the file, so that the results are saved there?
If in the ‘Use Excel File’ activity I browse and type the full location [like C:\users…\Uipath\MyProject\MyFile.xlsx ] then Studio X replaces that with Project Folder\MyFile.xlsx
It works fine when run within StudioX but when I publish the project and run from Assistant it still uses location like %USERPROFILE%.nuget\packages[PackageName][version]\lib\net45
What is the trick to specifying the correct path for the output via Assistant? :grinning:


YoichiUiPath Community MVP 2022

16 Feb


I think you might use relative path to write excel file.
If we run process via nupkg (Assistant etc), it’s extracted to %USERPROFILE%\.nuget\packages\[PackageName]\[version]\lib\net45
So the excel file which is updated might exists the above place. Can you check there?
Usually it’s better to use absolute path, if run process via nupkg.


can you assign the FULL path to a variable and use it in “Excel file”?

dont use relative path because once you published to assistant, the “Working directory” will change to %USERPROFILE%.nuget\packages , whereas in studio the working directory is your project folder i.e. C:\users…\Uipath\MyProject. If you use relative path, its relative to the working directory which is why it different in assistant

Yes, that worked first time.
Thanks very much Jack.

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