How to specify Internet Explorer's clicking to save, save as

Hi everyone,

My robot downloads a file via internet explorer and ı want to ‘save as’ the document.

But when i cannot indicate the button it takes the whole tab how can i specify it. ( ı want to click the arrow next to “Kaydet”.

thanks have a good day.

When you do indicate on manually press F4 try to indicate and check?
If this is not working then you can check with the click image actiivity.

yesss it worked

but now i cannot click to ‘farklı kaydet’

i tried with f4 and click image activity. any ther suggestions for this?

thank you very much

You can use two click image activity, just give 2 or 3 seconds delay before the second click image activity and check.

@berkaykor, Use UI Explorer tool to build selector. It should work like charm :slight_smile:

yea atm UI Explorer is not working thats why i cannot use it, so its been really hard for me to work with selectors.

I did gave 1 second delay and also made it Simulate Click now its working

thank you all

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