How to solve this error issue?

Main.xaml: BC30512: Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘String’ to ‘Integer’. The selected value is incompatible with the property type.

Use cint(me…) in value to save or change A var type to string

Change variable type to int


I think the variable “A” is an integer type so the error occurs. Change to string type.

the value in the excel file is not Int tho?

Hi @attkren1 ,

Is the variable A a Integer type, if so, it should be converted to a String, if that is the output the Expression provides.

If you require an Integer value as output, you may need to add Cint method to your Expression like CInt(Your Expression) and then check if it works.

the value in the excel file is not Int

change A var type to string

A is declared as a String in Main Sequence. memodata(“A”) is a string that I want to extract

@attkren1 ,

If A variable is declared as String and is confirmed, then just remove the Expression, Save the Workflow and add the expression again and check whether the error is resolved.

If the error still occurs, could you check/share the Variables Panel and Arguments Panel ?

Hi @attkren1

In the datatable all are in general format.
Changing of value type is your option.

In your query the Variable A is in int datatype then change the value to int by Cint(“A”)
If you want to store it in string format then change the Variable A to string datatype.

Hope it helps!!

yeah, everything is declared as String

Try to give Variable A to Int type

give like this Currentrow(“A”).toString in assign activity.


Is memodata is a currentrow name or datatable name?

thats what i did as shown in the picture

it is the output name of the output data table activity

@attkren1 ,

From the Variables Panel, we understand that memodata is also a String variable, Could you let us know what does memodata contain ? What do you want to extract from it ?

Try this

Output data table is not used try to use this


is memodate is the column name