Validation error BC30512:

Error ERROR Validation Error BC30512: Option Strict On disallows implicit conversions from ‘Integer’ to ‘String’. The selected value is incompatible with the property type.


there is a data type mismatch or when you try to assign an Integer value to a String variable

how to change data type from string to generic type


Please change the datatype to “Object”

Hi @bhavana_kolli

Change the variable type to String. You can change the datatype of Variable in Variables panel.

If you want the generic datatype then select the object datatype which works like a generic.

Hope it helps!!

not working…in get row item i created a output variable it should by default create generic type right but it created string…

to convert a string to an integer use cint(myStringVariable)
Note: your string must contain a valid number.

f you need to go the other way around: myIntegerVariable.ToString

The output of the Get row Item activity is String.

If we want to convert it to Integer we have use Cint(Variable).

If the answer is not this, give the elaborate query which helps us to understand @bhavana_kolli

Hope you understand!!

solved.i used generic value

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instead of get row item you can directly use row("ColumName").ToString to get the item value inassign activity