Getting compiler error on Type into option strict on disallows implicit conversions from 'string' to 'integer'

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Hi ,
It’s just mismatch of data types .
Could you please attach workflow .


Hey @ABHISHEK_yadav

I guess you are getting it at many places in your workflow? if is it so from just a guess i can say you are accessing values wrongly. you are using it inside for each? then what is your arguments? because might be this error because you are passing row(“City”).tostring() but here to access that data it is looking for an Integer index and you are passing a column name.

Above Statement totally based on Assumption :slight_smile: due to lack of data :stuck_out_tongue:



Thanks for your reply i will i have provided the data in csv format

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Thanks for your reply
can you please send me your email id : forum is not allowing me to upload zip file

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Unable to attach .xaml file?

yes unable to attach .xaml file


can you please share the resolution of this issue on here. having exactly the same issue and have been searching everywhere for a solution.


Hello guys, what’s the outcome?

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I had this same issue, and as was mentioned above it was because of a mismatch with my variables.

I was attempting to concatenate two variables, one a “string” type, and the other “int32” type. In order to get around this, I converted the two variables to “GenericValue”.

UIPath’s documentation for GenericValue uses an example exactly like this:


I had this same compiler issue, and as was mentioned above it was because of a mismatch with my variables.

I was attempting to split the string into string array , one a “string” type, and the other “string array” type. I got the compiler error as implicit conversion disallows string and char .
In order to get around this, I used a “c” after the delimiter in .Split(). Then error is removed.

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I’m trying to convert var type IEnumerable into Datatable.
How can we convert?
Aim: To read headers from one excel and write specific header column data into another.

I’m successfully read header by using Read row but could not able to write it into another excel due to this var type.

To write in excel we need var type 'Datatable’Main.xaml (8.1 KB)

In this robot I’ve printed specific header column data.

Can anyone help me to know How to write?

Hi @Tejas_Kabade,

I was wondering why do you have ‘out1’ as the DT if is not yet created?


Shouldn’t be ‘ResulDT’ instead, but still not yet created as well?

Before writing the DT they should exist, isn’t it?

Did you resolved?

BE Safe,

I was getting this error and it was because I forgot to change Column from “Number” to “Name.” It didn’t recognize the column name I entered because it was expecting the column index number.