How to share data between workflow files?



How to share data between two workflow files? Like, I have Main.xaml, One.xaml, Second.xaml. In Main.xaml, I have two “Invoke Workflow” activities for One.xaml and Second.xaml.
I have two output datatables from each xaml. I want to utilize these two in Main.xaml.
How will I do that? (Using Arguments? If yes, how?)


Hi @abskulkarni,

Take a look at this:



Yes, by using Arguments is the correct option.
Declare your both Datatable(One.Xaml and Second.Xaml) in the Arguments panel.
And it will be used in your Main.Xaml file.

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UiPath Academy the best place to leverage about RPA and UiPath Features.
It’s free though. :slight_smile:

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Just A side note -

Keep in mind that when invoking workflows with the Isolated option (which starts running the workflow in a separate system process), only serializable types can be used as arguments to pass data from a process to another. For example, SecureString, Browser and Terminal Connection objects cannot safely cross the inter-process border.