There are two xaml file and if you want to pass the data in between them. How will you pass?

what are the Activities i can use.

We can use INVOKE WORKFLOW ACTIVITY where we can call those xaml one by one and between them we can pass the values through ARGUMENTS which can be either IN or OUT or IN/OUT

Arguments are used to pass values between xaml’s

For more info on this

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Well, you did not specify what “types” of XAML Files these are, so I will assume they are RPA, bot RDA, but you can or could utilize Queues to pass data between them also besides using Input Arguments. Arguments are obviously more effecient, I beliee, but there are other ways to pass data between XAML Files (Activities or Processes), just depends on overall design and what is going on with each of the XAML Files.

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Thanks for answering @Palaniyappan

RPA XAML files @rstaylor62