Mechanism of running attended bots

I have some questions that I can’t find an answer to:

  1. Is it possible to run attended bots and unnatended bots without UiPath Studio? How is it licensed?
  2. For instance, I may want to use Studio for developing and then run bots on another computer (let’s assume we don’t use Orchestrator so bots are not run remotely). Do I have to install Studio on the computer where I want to run attended bots? Do I have to buy a separate license for this?
  3. What actually compiles and runs bots? Does Studio have its own compiler that executes workflows or it like passes the workflow to a separate program that is also used to run bots manually?

Hi @mgmklmlr

  1. UiPath licenses UiPath Studio (by named user), UiPath Unattended Robots and UiPath Attended Robots (by named users). But UiPathStudio.msi is a single installer that will allow you to install Studio+Robot (for dev purposes) or just the Robot (for execution purposes).
  2. You are right in pointing out that Studio is used for development. For execution, you need to have either Attended Robot or Unattended Robot licenses which are separate licenses.
  3. The projects you create in UiPath Studio are not necessarily compiled, they are just packaged as a NuGet package for distribution to Robots. This process of distribution of the NuGet packages to Robots is made easier and more manageable using Orchestrator. Orchestrator is required if you want to use Unattended Robots. If you don’t have Orchestrator, you can also copy the NuGet packages manually to the machines running Attended Robots (

Hi @Matthew_Tan, thank you for the answer!

Are there any technical limitations on Attanded Bots? What are the differences between attended and unnatended apart from the way of triggering? I’m not talking about use cases where it’s better to have Attended bots and where it’s better to have Unattanded Bots, I’m talking about technical differences? Maybe some limitations on features or something like this?

The bot is just one. Only different method of triggering.


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