'Attended' or 'Unattended' BOT

Hi All,

We are working on a project for a client ,initially we developed POC using community version.
Now,we need to suggest client which BOT should be feasible,‘Attended’ or ‘Unattended’.

The client is not willing to buy Orchestrator license seeing the high cost.

So can anyone help on this ,which bot license should be suggested ,attended or unattended without orchestrator for deployment and limitations for each.

Thanks in advance.


Go for attended BOT because you are not buying Orchestarator. we need Orchestarator to run unattended BOT.


There is a limitation which i have read somewhere that attended cannot run on locked screen,while unattended can run on locked screen and you can schedule it through windows scheduler and run.

Yes, but UiPath people not preferring this method to schedule the BOT through windows scheduler.

It’s not that we “don’t prefer” it :slight_smile:

This functionality was basically moved to Orchestrator for better processes overview. It is still possible, but it’s not something we directly support.

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