How to Schedule an attended robot?

I designed a process. After starting the process the bot executes and sends an email and it has to wait for 1 hr and start it again. I have a attended bot license. the waiting 1 hr my license is occupied. Is the any way I can achieve this task?

Attended bots cannot be scheduled. These are initialized by a user on the machine the bot will be working or from Orchestrator. If you want the bot to start on a schedule, it needs to be unattended.


Thank you Anthony

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You can schedule Attended BOTS through Agent Desktop. If you want to use this feature then you need to install latest version Enterprise Edition of Uipath studio.

I think calling it scheduling is misleading to say the least. It just creates a reminder, the user still has to click on the Play button for the process to start.



Hey @Balesh

Two things…
If you have attended bot you can schedule it through agent desktop scheduler. However, it just gives you a reminder to run, and you have to run it ad attended cannot run automatically based on a schedule… if you have orchestrator go for unattended…

Other option, you can break the process into two separate processes that can run one after the other in a sequential way… this will help to release the idle execution of one hour


Thank you every one.

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