Robot is getting slower with each iteration (SAP)

Good day,

I am working on a SAP workflow which is entering data within a Flowchart workflow.
Technically everything works smoothly on both my local system and also on the unattanded VM.

The robot has to handle 50-1500 iterations, depending on the initial file (he reads is data from Excel sheet once in the beginning into a datatable)

Normally a good iteration takes 12-15 seconds. But with each iteration it is getting slower somehow. I wanted to let the robot enter >200 positions. It took about 10 hours! As mentioned in the beginning it tool 12-15 seconds. After 50 iterations it took already 30 sec/iteration. After 200 6min/iteration and so on…

I cannot really see what the problem is. I am not working with delays in the loop. I tried with table scope activities in SAP and also with Type-Into activities with variable selectors. And I already disables all LOG-activities to a minimum. My past try was about setting the activities on WaitforReady.None wherever it was possible.

Does anyone have good ideas or experiences with long running SAP processes? SAP should not be the problem itself and the VM was far away from running out of memory or something else.

Seems I forgot to update my last publishing process in orchestrator before running again after changing from Table Scope activity to Type Into Activities. This works out!

So concluded that means: The bigger a table is which the robot has to read/to process in SAP, the slower this activity gets!

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