Make robot to wait until formulas are updated on Excel Sheet


I would like my robot to wait for formulas to update on excel before it proceeds. There is normally a delay of update of formulas because they are connected to bloomberg.

I was thinking of using Element Exixts…

Please let me know if you have an idea!


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if possible may i know what are the steps been followed so far, like activities used in workflow
kindly illustrate that so that we could come up with a optimal solution for this
Cheers @Elina96

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Hi @Elina96

Just to add to what @Palaniyappan mentioned, When the file is open, most probably you are clicking on the refresh button to get the values updated right?

If so, Does it show any progress bar or something which we can use to see the progress of the update of figures. Also, would be great if you can share some screenshots with the current steps followed


Hi Both,

thanks for your prompt reply.

My sequence so far is that I first change to today’s date, the formulas then update and pull the correct data from Bloomberg. The tricky thing here is that it takes a little bit time until the cells are updated (it depends on the day how much time it takes, but normally a few seconds).
I suppose I could choose delay before on the next activity, but was not sure if that’s so appropriate!

Thank you!

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–we got only two choice here
–if we are using TYPE INTO activity to update the date in excel followed by send hot key then we can include the delay inbuilt with the properties of type into activity itself
where in the property panel along the property DELAY AFTER put some timestamp in milliseconds we want
if we are using any WRITE CELL activity then no other go we need to use explicit DELAY activity with some timestamp like this hh:mm:ss format

set with feasible time so that it would work for sure
hope this would help you
Cheers @Elina96


Thank you so much, that really helps! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Cheers @Elina96

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