How to use Resume After Delay activity

Hi! I want to get a report from SAP but sometimes it can takes 1,5 hours or even more. I’m trying to use Resume After Delay activity to avoid long time waiting. In logs I see that robot starts and finished work before first activity in my workflow (SAP Logon activity). There is no error messages, job just ended in “succesful” status. I don’t understand where the mistake is.


Does your SAP report output to Excel which will automatically open when downloads completed ?

Hi @GreenTea , after downloading there is table inside SAP window, after it robot have to make a couple clicks to download excel file.


In the SAP window, does the first data row, excluding the column header contains some values ?

Yes, there are a lot of data

Please add two activities to check that the first data row contains the downloaded data. Element Exist activity will examine the selector of the first cell of data row.

It will loop and wait as long as possible until the downloads completed. When the downloads completed, the first cell of data row will contain some value and Element Exist activity will return True - and Do While activity completed.

It’s a simple way, and it works. But it consume a license (1,5 hours of waiting) and I trying to avoid it. I thought that Resume After Delay stops the job and allocate license to another job\process instead of waiting current job.


Can the report be retrieved later ? Or do you have another/different T-Code that can run a batch job that can output the job number?

I don’t see anyway unless you have Orchestrator activities, Start Job and Get Reference, Wait for Job and Resume.

Yes, report can be retrieved later. I just don’t want to consume license for waiting report creation.


The UiPath Assistant has a feature to add a reminder that will prompt user to start the robot script/process. User can start or ignore it. So you can add 1,5 hours from current time to prompt user to start robot script/process.


You may want to check this out. There is a workflow analyzer rule that mentioned Resume After Delay.