How to separate multiple range via the read range string?

hello everyone,
I’m new here, much appreciated for your answer, thanks.

I have several range to be read, e.g A1-D5 and E7-H9, tried with “A1:D5, E7:H9” but failed.


Probably, Read Range activity does not support multiple range.

We can get single datatable from multiple range using Merge DataTable activity and multiple Read Range activities, if the number of columns of the ranges is all the same.



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Try it by taking two Individual Read Range Activities and merge the output of both read range activities

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thanks Yoichi for prompt reply. If so any expressions can be set to read multiple ranges if all needed ranges has one indicator cell - e.g I have row X which is the unified character I have to read all same character with row X for example? thanks

Hi, thanks for reply. Anyway I have the same idea but I’m the new guy for uipath , so I wanna know whether feasible.

Actually my scenario is , I have 10 different excels with same template , there’re for example 10 person responsible to update those spreadsheets without any duplication. I have to combine 10 updated file into one, the ranges are disorganized. how to do that in a simple way?

definitely I can use a long long sequence of the read range for N times then write range with N time.

sorry for missed something, each workbook has several sheets

anyone has idea? thanks.