How do I add multiple ranges in the "Range" box of the Read Range activity?

I currently have my read range set to “A:J”, however I don’t need “B:G”.

Is there a way to add 2 ranges, “A” and “H:J”?


You can’t. Just read the whole thing and then use Filter Datatable to get rid of the columns you don’t want.


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If you need to Work\Read a specific column from excel sheet then refer the below step.
1.Create build data table.
2.Use Read range activity and set the range to empty.
3.Use loop.
4.Drag Add data row activity and pass the row name as per your requirement.
5.After loop u can used write range activity.

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You cant do that , instead you can used separate read range for each ranges and use them

Or you can do like @postwick suggested


Thanks for confirming it isn’t possible and providing alternatives.

Yes @mbuehler

So if you got your answer. Kindly close the topic by marking the solution so that it will be helpful to others.


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