Excel merge read range for multiple ranges

Hey Team,

Is there a way to merge read range outputs in Excel for multiple ranges without having to use the read range activity 6 times?

HI @uiStijn

That is not possible either you need to read it completely and then filter them and then get the data with expression or you need to use six read range


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Hi @uiStijn

Can you try with this method

  • You can use multiple read range activities for each range and then use merge data table activity to combine them into one data table, if the number of columns of the ranges is all the same.

  • You can use append range activity to append data from different sheets or workbooks into one sheet and then use read range activity to read the whole sheet into a data table, if the structure of the data is consistent.

Check out this blog


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Hey guys, i fixed it with this Assign:

MergedDatatable = extracted_bas_Value_0_1_2_3.AsEnumerable().Concat(

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