How to send outlook mails in the form of citrix

Can anyone help on how to send outlook mails in the form of citrix. I have watched citrix automation but i didn’t any idea from it. I hope for suggestion on this.


Sending mails through Citrix can be a little tricky in some cases because we’re working with a Virtual Environment which means we need to work with Images and Screen Scrapping. Have you tried to automate using images and hotkeys to send the email?


@Lucas.Pimenta i tried somewhat i dont know whether it correct or wrong. i dont have workflow now, i will upload workflow tomorrow. Please check that workflow tomorrow and tell what changes required in it. I trying to do that on local machine with no virtual machine access.

@Lucas.Pimenta pls check below xaml fileMain.xaml (44.7 KB)

I think that’s correct! :slight_smile:

Is it working?

@Lucas.Pimenta it is working

That’s the way to do it!

All you have to do now is to keep in mind that you have to create a robot that will have the same performance on different environments (different machines) as long Citrix is very sensitive to certain changes.

Here’s a good document to read to learn how to work with Citrix:

Hope it helps!