Not able to send a mail on VDI machine

Can anyone let me know if is it possible for me to send an email on VDI machine from my local system.

As i do not have Uipath installed on my VDI, I am using Citrix recorder to automate a process that uses Oracle Applications in Java Forms. I have automated till running a program & getting the output of it in a .txt file which has to be mailed from my VDI outlook-mail ID to another VDI-mail ID. So i have used Send outlook mail activity for this. The process runs on VDI machine until extracting the output file from Java Page & saving it, but when tried to attach the .txt file & send it over ,the bot gets back to my local system. Also i have correctly configured the FROM & TO mails ID’s in the activity.

Please advise.

@rdn.shreenavya - you can try below

  • first try to send a test mail from VDI without adding the attachments to check the outlook mail is working or not.
  • if it works as expected - you can try to hardcore a the file path, attach the file and verify.
  • if it works as expected - pls log the attached file path and verify the file path is correct.

Hey Girish,

Thanks for your input, i tried the first suggestion. It says Account not found. So does this mean that when automating a citrix environment the mails cannot be sent using Send outlook mail activity? Please advise.


@GBK I also tried opening the Outlook App from VDI & then creating a new mail meassage with all the details & tried to run the process, it still says Account not found. What could be the best approch to fix this.

@rdn.shreenavya is outlook configured in the VDI?
which mailbox/service are you using? is it office 365/exchange server/lotusnotes?

pls try to open the outlook app and try to send a test mail and check

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@GBK Yes i have it configured & its Office 365. Also when I am trying to send a test mail when i run the process it will stay in the run mode for longer time with no details in Local’s Panel Or with any errors. May i know why is that happening.

Also for this process i have not used Send outlook mail activity, i have step by step captured the mail sending process just like how humans do.