I want the image to show up in my mail body

i want the image to show up in my mail body ImageInSMTPMailBody.xaml (12.4 KB)
sample workflow

You can use html as your body. Try looking up the html code to link an image.

Hope that helps. Sorry for no examples.


test and file is showing up but its only showing something is there to download can you help

Hi @manoj2500
Instead of outlook use SMTP mail activity to send mail… It works


i am using smtp itself but facing issue will please help me with a sample please @Ajju

I can check with what I did to reference an image into the body, and reply back soon.

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@ClaytonM if you can check the sample that i have added that will be great however it will great if you can help me with that asap as i need to deliver the project will wait for your revert

Check below link
It might help

If I remember right, I had trouble getting the contentID method to work. However, I used “img src=” and worked fine for me. Maybe there are multiple solutions.

Here are snippets to present what I did…

First, I stored the format for the html code I want for the image using {0}, {1}, {2} to represent values that come in as arguments (because this is a reusable workflow for our projects)

Then, in the code I concatenated that part to the existing html body code, but replaced the values with the image filepath and size.

Essentially, I have this html code for embedding the image:
"<img src="""+imagePath+""" width="""+imageWidth.ToString+""" height="""+imageHeight+""">"
assuming I got the quotations embedded right, lol.

If you zoom out of my logic, I’m using a Switch to set the html for each Text, Image, and Table. Because, like I said this was built to generate html code for “anything” you want to smtp to for example a customer.


Hi, this is the only way that worked for me. I give you the sample file:

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