In excel automaion how to split the columns data

I have an Excel sheet which contains data in one column for example
how to split sperate columns

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  1. Us a excel application scope and pass the input as file path.
    2 use a read range activity to get the output of type datatable named outdt
  2. Use add datacolumn Activity and mention the datatable name as outdt, and column name as “Num”, to store the value 1234
  3. Use another add datacolumn and mention the columnname as “Data”
  4. Same again another add datacolumn and mention the columnname as “Name”
  5. Finally use a for each row loop and pass the input as outdt and inside use three assign activities like this
    – in the first one
    Lets say the above value is in column B
    So the assign activity should be like this
    row(“Num”) = Split(row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString,"-")(0).ToString
    Then in next assign activity like this
    row(“Data”) = Split(Split(row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString,"-)(1).ToString),"#")(0).ToString
    Then the last assign activity with this
    row(“Name”) = Split(Split(row(“yourcolumnname”).ToString,"-)(1).ToString),"#")(1).ToString

Hope this would help you buddy


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