How split columns values and added to next column

Hi Team,

I want split in particular column values and update next column with new column name in same excel sheet

i am using one excel file only

I have attached image for for yours ref.



Please anyone help me out from this.

Raja G

prepare a target datatable with build datatable activity - dtResult and configure the 4 datacolumns: Name, Input, Output, Test

use a for each row activity (loop over your origin datatable)

  • add datarow - dtResult | RowArray: {row(0), row(1),row(1).toString.Split("_"c)(1), row(2)}

@ppr ,

I just want to updating same data table without new data table

Raja G

but same datatable does not have the output column, right?

Yes output column not present in datatable

So we can do it with a constructing a new datatable

However the building block will be the same:
Output = row(1).toString.Split("_"c)(1)

As an alternate add datacolumn (Name: Output) to the origin datatable
set the position within an invoke method activity and use the SetOrdinal method

Loop over the datatable and set the output within an assign activity by:
row(“Output”) = row(“Input”).toString.Split("_"c)(1)

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@ppr ,

Could you please send me workflow if it is possible


find starter help here:
ppr_DTUpdateBox_Raja.xaml (8.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot ,the code is working

@ppr ,

I am getting error like Assign Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

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Just open a new topic for your case, so we will adress it individually. Feel free to share there with us a more info on what you have implemented so far

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