How to send a reply for a mail from a particular folder?

How to send a reply for a mail from a particular folder ? ie i need to reply with an attachment for each mails in a folder in outlook


You can get all the emails from the specific folder, and iterate through them by sending the attachment to each of them.

  1. Sample Structure


  1. You can specify the folder for the get mail activity in it’s properties.

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You can get users mail ids from a folder using “Get IMAP mail messages”.
Loop over on list of mails, assign current user’s email id using Item.From.ToString()
Use Send SMTP mail Message to send the mail with attachment using user email id variable.

In Send SMTP mail message, use a in string type of variables in Attachments property and pass your local attachment path using Directory.GetFiles(“your path”)

Note: If you are using Outlook, the use the Send and Get outlook Mail Message activities.

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