How to forward and reply mail in outlook with all attachments

I have one scenario that based on that i have to reply the mail otherwise i have to mail forward in outlook.

hi @pankajs3,

Try this:

  1. Get the mail message using ‘Get Outlook Mail Message’.
  2. Save the email(mail message) as .eml using ‘Save Mail Message Activity’.
  3. Open the saved .eml file using start process activity.(it will open in outlook).
  4. Click on forward button. Or click on reply button
  5. Edit To, Subject and Body according to your requirement


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I don’t want to use ‘forward’ button, without opening outlook how can i send mail
and i want to add attachment in mail before forward mail

Try this,
Main (8).xaml (7.9 KB)


Hi @Gouda_6
As you provided not having information of previous mail
And how can i attachment add to forwarding mail

Hi @pankajs3,
U can use something similar to this

But instead of Get Outlook Mail Messages you can use Get IMAP Mail Messages and sent reply to the address from mail you’ve got like in my example. For attachment there is an attribute which can be set and kept in variables.

Hi @Pablito
THis is very complex because it required Email, Password, Server etc values

There no other way to get the mails from the box. You need to use Get Outlok Mail Messages having Outlook opened and user logged in or Get IMAP Mail Messages activity with filled out all necessary data like username and password. Mail boxes are protected otherwise you could read mail of any mailbox you want :smiley:

How can i add multiple attachment from one directory path?

You can add each attachment separately as separate argument.

attachments are not fixed in given folder. Then how can i add any number of attachments in mail

Hi @pankajs3

You will need to get the list of files in a directory. These topics should give you a clue on how to do that:


Please find the workflow to attach multiple attachments in send outlook mail message.

Multi_Attachments.xaml (9.9 KB)

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