How to get reply messages from imap on outlook

Im trying to get reply messages by using like item.Replytolist.tostring or item.Replyto.tostring
but i cant get any messages on output


You can use get outlook mail message
and give the mailFolder as Sent Items

i dont use outlook software and im currently forlooping input messages to data table to store in add data row so if i want to get reply messages separetly then i have one doubt here like if i want to get reply messages means then i have to again use imap activity then i have to give sent items in mail folder?

Yes you have to mention from which mail folder you want to iterate the mail


thanks, so i have to use get imap activity two times right? one for input box and another one for sent items right?

If you want to store mail from “Input” mail then you can use
Other wise if you want mail from “Sent Items”
Then you can use this folder to be mention Imap mail message activity

yeah bro i know… what iam asking is… i want both activity to be executed at the same time so is it possible can i use two times get imap for input and sent items?

you can use
just keep it in Parallel Activity
It will work

thanks bro, sorry for the late reply


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