How to select the each row after doing Screen Scrape of data behind a picture


I’m looking for a solution, kindly help.

I have a software which showing data in rows these rows are clickable by a mouse and have data inside it… you can say it’s like sales cases that has information. I am selecting each case to read the case detail. I wanted to save cases of data.

RPA is not able to select each row to perform the print and save option. RPA is seeing those rows as a picture. Due to the security of software, those rows are behind a picture and that way UiPath feel its a picture and not rows.

I tried data scraping but it’s not working.
I tried the Screen scraping to get the data of rows it works and now I want to go through the value of the row by performing a select (Click) on each row to do the save the data.

You can see how RPA is viewing those rows as a picture. I need to perform a click on each rows to get data and wanted to go through the whole list until the list shows empty rows.


Please help me it’s an urgent issue.

Thanks to all of you in advance.

have you tried using hotkeys?

No I did’t as I got all data in variable but i dont know how can i use this data to use click on each row. so i need help in that.

i was thinking about something like send hotkey down and then send hotkey enter to see the data, or something like that

Can someone please help I still help on that…
I have no good solution to solv this issue need guidence