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Hi, Good Day to all,
I want to catch below output (attached screenshot) in table or some other and I want to click first column in each row. After clicking each row I want to capture that screen in image or in PDF file. Please help me out on the same.


Hi @gokulvasant,

refer this post @ddpadil




  1. Capture the values that you have attached(screenshot) as a table using Extract Data Scraping activity
  2. Then run a for each row to loop through the table and get the first column in each row as row(“Default Channel Opening”) that outputs Direct , Referral and so on
  3. Explore the selector through Uipath Explorer. These words might be enclosed in aaname attribute
  4. Use that selector with aaname included and click on each link
  5. Capture the image using Take Screenshot Activity and save Image
  6. And the process continues for next rows in loop

Dominic :slight_smile:


@Dominic Hi, I have extracted table as you told, and more thing it’s dynamic table may be 4 rows or 10 rows also some times.

Now for each row I have declared Extracted data table. Now how to get the first column in each row as row(“Default channel grouping”) and how to get aaname attribute for that. Pls explain the same.

I have attached screenshot for your reference. Thank you.




@gokulvasant, Open Uipath Explorer and choose the reliable selector for that links.

aaname attribute will be in the explorer

Reference :

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Thank you but still am struggling in this, can you look on my .xaml file, actually first row clicking fine, but its unable to click second row on this.

can you get me solution on this.
Thank you
screenshot-dt.xaml (13.1 KB)


@gokulvasant, I could see from Xaml that you have hardcoded selector for first row (Direct) in Click ‘DIV’ activity inside for each row.

Solution: As I couldn’t find the URL, follow these steps,
Change the selector in click from aaname=Direct to aaname=row(“ColumnName/Index”).TOString

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Hi @gokulvasant,

You need to give dynamic selector to click next td .