How to extract output rows when the UiPath is reading the screen as a whole table

Hi All,

I am running into an issue which is when i try to extract the data from ImageNow application. i want to select the output of a query as row by row.
i have tried to use the screen scraping, table scraping, selectors but for some reason. UIpath is not able to separate the rows. its selecting the whole page as one entity. is there any work around for such scenarios?

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Is this an iFrame? if yes then you can use Get attribute activity and grab the src of the iframe and store it in a variable, which will give data of the iFrame.

Also, if that is not the case you can use , Get Text to extract the entire data into a string and then using string manipulation (split,replace etc) you can create a datatable as there will be some pattern to the extracted data.

Try and let me know if it works.


Hi @Vikas.Jain

Thank you for your response, i have tried both approaches. looks like they are not going to work.

when i tried the IFrame approach, the output in the selector is:
when i tried the Get text activity, the output is:

the problem that UIpath is not able to read inside the frame. please advice.

Thank You

Can you try Get Visible Text too? Screen Scraping Wizard configured with the Native method.

Hi @badita

Still the same issue, not picking anything inside the frame up

That’s bad. It means that only OCR/Citrix techniques will work. What application is that? Would it be possible to get an installation kit in UiPath?


i tried the OCR and found out that while the font is white Uipath is not able to read anything. The application is ImageNow.
there is no package in Uipath for this tool, is that your question ?


The question was how to obtain a kit of that application so to play with it and test myself.

i am not able to find link to install it, i will ask the client if they can provide the installation kit


I want to scrape a table from the web using the whole table method, and define customized the column headers. At the moment, the table output has column-1, column-2 etc. In this example:

I want to the headers to be first_name,last_name,age,city instead of 1-2,Column-1,Column-2,Column-3. Advice would be appreciated.

In the above example, the best will be to download the file and then read it using Read Range activity, which will give you a data table.

For any other web scrapping , it will automatically figure out the table and extract it as a datatable for example, go to the below link :

and by using the data scarping, you can extract the entire historical data in a single data table.


Thank you @Vikas.Jain
I wanted to avoid downloading to ensure that I am not working with files on a local drive. I also have a table with many columns. I therefore built on your suggestion by:

  • scraping the first few columns 1 by 1, assigning the column header
  • adding the rest of the columns by editing the ExtractMetaData

if this is a frameset-layout app, you should check the entire tree structure… typically this sort of apps have nested framesets.

another approach would be to select all text from the table, copy and paste it into an excel worksheet (excel usually parses html content correctly)

@theo500, the sheet was published from Google sheets. Thanks for the suggestion.

@Vikas.Jain , I have come back to your suggestion. For some reason I could not get the ExtractMetaData to work. The easiest way to generate the table is to scrape the html to excel (without headers which eliminates the column-1, column-2 row) and write a new data table from the excel sheet. Thank you.

Hi @Yan

Did you resolve the issue?

Hello all,

I encountered same issue with getting data from iframe and for me following worked:

Getting data from iframe works only with packages Uipath.UIAutomation.Activities version 18.4.6 and only without using Attach Browser activities as with version 18.4.6 studio doesnt know Edge Browser type and with IE type its of course not working. It was working for me with full selectors.

‚Edge‘ browser type is known only for version 19.x but then its not able to retrieve data from iframe.

I hope this helps.