Take Screenshot and Save Image from websites loop?

So i was tasked to extract image from a websites in daily basis. everyday the amount of pictures would be different and most of the time i will need to scroll down if there is too much pictures. my question is if there is a way for us to loop through the selector or pattern the same way “Data Scraping” works so it would continue to extract images until there is no image left to be screenshots? or is there a better solution for this kind of problems as i am still new to rpa.
Screenshot 2021-02-16 114238

hmm interesting, yaa you can use for-each loop also see you can choose the way to send hotkey or anything I never try if you get the solution post in this forum we also get to know.

@silentq98 Can you tell us if the website is publicly accessible? So that if it is accessible publicly, we can check on the Scraping part and suggest an approach or send you the Workflow if at all it is possible.

unfortunately the websites is not public. but i think we can just simulate it with any e-commerce websites that have images assuming the selector for each image is the same.