How to select particular value from list

Hi All,

I have to create 150 locations via desktop application name as ICOMS.

While creating equipment i need to provide unique batch name and after that under that batch name i need to create equipemnts.i am able to automate and created 150 equipment.
Now i need to select exit ,i am able to that also.

Issue: after click exit there are 20 more batchs in the list and i need to select my batch from that list and i am not able to select that particular batch.

Can anyone suggest me how to do that?

How are you storing the data you are using? datatable? dictionary/list?

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Before clicking the exit button i used get full text activity to save the created batch by me.

And after exit i need to select that get full text from the list.

Don’t know my approach is right or not.

I am a beginner in RPA.

Can you provide any screenshots to help understand your issue?

Also, have you attempted to use the Extract Structured Data activity as a way of gathering the batch data?

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My shift over …
I will send you tomorrow.

I didn’t use extract structured data.

Btw…thanks for ur quick response.

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Lsstatic is variable i am using to store get full text value.

I need to pass the variable in find element selector.

This is my approach to find my batch name.

Selector for selected value is coming as

so does that selector exist on your target application and the list of batches?

can you use the UiSelector to provide exactly the selector for one of those targets and post it here? It would help to compare.

I sent u exact selector for selected batch from the list.

I need to make selector generic here.

You said that the selector you posted is what is grabbed and stored in Lsstatic.

If I was troubleshooting this, I would use the UiExplorer to get the selector for the element that should correspond to and compare. For, as you stated, the robot does not click on the selector you have provided it.

Unless you asking how to make the selector you posted include the variable Lsstatic so it is dynamic? In that case, you use concatatnation:

"<ctrl name='?AA"+Lsstatic+"&#X9;?AAManual Entry - CV0035&#x0;?AA8/07/19&;x9;?AA0' role='list item' />"


Getting this error after doing this:

that suggests the element doesn’t exist and the activity timed out.

please use UiExplorer to grab the exact element selector, and post that along with the value for Lsstatic so we can compare.

Getting from UiExplorer


value i am sending:

Great, and now post what is in Lsstatic. Thanks

the batch name is test/TESTAUTO ANY VALUE am getting from get full text is stored in a value called Lsstatic.

i know i am missing something that you want, but this is what i am doing.


Ok well clearly the two selectors don’t match.

"<ctrl name='?AAtest/TESTAUTO ANY VALUE&#X9;?AAManual Entry - CV0035&#x0;?AA8/07/19&;x9;?AA0' role='list item' />"

This is what you are passing to final selector but according to you it needs to be:

"<ctrl name='?AATESDD&#X9;?AAManual Entry - CV0035&#x0;?AA8/07/19&;x9;?AA0' role='list item' />"


Outupt:TESDD i am getting.

But how to do this?

is there any another way to do this?

Ok now we are getting there. Lsstatic is TESDD and not “test/TESTAUTO ANY VALUE” as you stated.

your dynamic selector should therefore be:

"<ctrl name='?AA"+Lsstatic+"&#X9;?AAManual Entry - CV0035&#x0;?AA8/07/19&;x9;?AA0' role='list item' />"

to simplify the whole thing, you could try it like this also:

"<ctrl name='*"+Lsstatic+"*' role='list item' />"