Unable to select from dropdown list


i am unable to select exact item from dropdown
value which i want is in second position check below ss.

if i get those values using get text and thought to split split and do the loop but issue is when i am getting data there is no any saperater to split like below.

how can i resolve this issue?
and select perfect item from dropdown?

Are you using the select item activity

try and use this activity to indicate the drop down you are using, and you will be able to select the criteria from this

no, not tried.
it shows this control does not support select item, just tried

can you show a screenshot of the message it says when using?

you could try clicking on the drop down and using type into sending downward arrows to select whichever option you need

but how many times i need to do dropdown?how can i i get that count? how many times i need to do downword arrow

if the list is static to two items you can just use one or two, is this list dynamic?

yes dynamic , list will show 5/10 max item including required one

Hi @Mathkar_kunal ,

Could you Check with the Set Web Attribute Activity. Firstly, Check the UI Element using the UiExplorer, find the attribute where the value is present. Use that attribute for setting the value.

Let us know if you receive any errors.

dont know how to use this activitycan you please explain what to write in first and second option
aatribute and value

@Mathkar_kunal , You would require to perform the Checking of the Element details at first as mentioned above.

The attribute where you will find the dropdown value selected will be the attribute name that you will have to provide in the Attribute Property. The Value that you would want to set in the Dropdown will needed to be added to the Value Property.

You would require to indicate the Dropdown element as well. Check if these do not give errors and then move forward.

not understood

Hi @Mathkar_kunal,

If Select Item is not able to select correct item, you can use Click and then Type Into activity on that dropdown field, only thing to take care is you are supposed to type exact value as available in dropdown list and at last use Enter(keystoke after type into).


If you are unable to use “Select Item” activity then go for “Type Into” activity.

Type Into activity will type whatever you need to select as dropdown.

Pls mark it as solution if it resolves your issue