Empty variables

Hello! I am trying to perform some dynamic retrieving.
I have a list thats dynamic. Thought of maybe use a case statement that checks whenever the line contains certain words etc… but its not very precise

So the lines can change based on what job i am inside also position of the line. But want to retreive specific lines and add them to a standar variable if the line exist

You should read up on selectors and how to work with their various elements.

Your issue is lacking detail for anyone to really help so as a guess you could look at using the Find Children activity.

This can be used to return all selectors present in the column you have highlighted to a datatable. You can then filter this to just those which contain the key words you need (you are likely going to be looking at accessing something like the ‘aaname’ element for this task).

Once you have your results, you can take the full selector and grab all the details present on that row by analysing which are the common elements for each column, such as ‘rownumber’ maybe. It all depends on your application, however, the process is the same.

There are a number of posts on the forum showing use of FindChildren.


Can you try data scraping on the above table and then loop through the resultant Output dataTable to get the desired values.

tried but says its not supported

You may have to enable the browser extension (From Studio- Home - Tools- Browser extension for the Browser you are using)

oh its a desktop prorgram, any support for that ?

That wouldn’t work then …

Can you try using Desktop recording and see how the selector gets generated.

The selector can then be made more stable to select dynamic values,

displayes as list-item

There should be some attribute in the list item specific to each line.

Try to find the stable selector for it using the UiExplorer.

is it possible to make it lopp through all the lines there then check if the lines contains certaint words then if so attach them to variables?

We need to check that from the selector. If you use the UiExplorer and look into the attributes for the list items and compare them there should be some attribute which can be used to loop through .

yh the list its defined by a index number that i can create a var upon to get down on the list. but dont know how to retrieve the actual info on specific elements

Can you check the attribute aaname to see if that info can be retrieved.

nothing on aaname but something on name

So you can loop through the index and check on the name to achieve the result?

not sure yet, can atleast loop through the tableview

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any smart solutions of how it can be done ?

Will first have to extract all lines to check where ever the line contains the right product (if not dont extract it )

Then if its the correct product i would then have to right click go into that line and extract the price, then move onto next line

As I suggested, the Find Children activity is what I would use.

You can return all selectors that form part of your table. You can then search each selector for your key words. If a selector has this, under aaname attribute for example, right click on that selector.

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hva tried but it has a hard time detecting the tableview. Have to hardcode it to find the rows

Tablebview? Find Children will return a list of objects, an attribute of each will be their selectors.

Can you produce that first and post the output of all selectors here perhaps? It would really help in getting you to a solution