How to select item in combobox

Hi everyone,
I would like to fill this form by using recorder.
However I can’t select item in combobox (Statut).

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hi @Syllabus

To select item from a select or combobox you can use “Select Item” Activity from activity pane.



Hi aksh1yadav

When I use recorder I have a select item.
But when I execute I have this error

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A year ago I faced the same issue, the problem remained in the Java update. I was printing statements from that oracle app.

try to use click activity and type into (this is by pressing “v” to select “validée”) if you can’t update and automate that part with select item activity.

J’espère que je pourrais aider.


Could you share the part of the workflow that is failing? The attach window and select item activities should be enough.


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finnaly I found a solution.

First I use the click activity in combo box then I use send hotkey as a filter to select the right item.

Please find the solution in the following attachement,
Main.xaml (15.5 KB)


I was interested in the faulty workflow so I can see if there is a bug in UiPath software.

Some combo boxes does not contain any item initially; they are populated on first click when the list of items is opened (but it does not seem the case here)


Hi @Adrian
Please find the faulty workflow in the following attachement.
Main.xaml (12.0 KB)


Thanks for the workflow. Everything looks OK, just regular combo boxes.

I would like to investigate this issue if possible. Could you please collect traces as explaine here?

If you have the latest UiPath version you can start tracing in the tray icon/settings


from the hotkey i understood that you are serching for word starts with letter ‘S’ and then you are giving Enter to select that. this is fine if have only one word which starts with ‘S’ in the combo box. what if we have 3 words starts with ‘S’ then how will you select the right one

Yea i need to the solution for the same.