Cannot use "Select Item" in oracle Java Application


Some Combo BOX aren’t compatible with the Select Item Activity, you can use the following Techniques.

  1. Click + Arrow Down + Get Text: Using GET TEXT you can know which option is selected.
  2. Type Into: Maybe “typing” the start of your option you will be able to select it
  3. Click + Arrow Down specific times + Enter: You can select your option using click and arrow down until you get your option then you use send hotkey to select enter.

I hope that one of this methods work for you.

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i’ve data’s in excel which has to match and update in this application

I would use a while loop with the following activities

  1. Click
  2. Arrow Down
  3. Enter
  4. Get TEXT
    and continue comparing the Text of the Select with the country that I need to register

DId I explain myself correctly?

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