Combox select Item issue

Hello,guys i have a combobox and i should select the blank item from the combo , As a normal user i have the possibiliy to do that

but when i use uipath recorder i cannot see the blank item gianina2

Hi @ElenaGadina

For this particular item you can use Select Item activity.

You just need to tweek a little bit with selector



Hi @ElenaGadina

This cane be done through a click activity as well.

But you will have to use UIexplorer to get the proper selector.

hei , on the screenshot i use select item but this control can’t return blank field , and with click activity i can’t do that because the combobox will close immediatly

what will the select do, once You are using select item activity and configure it to enter an empty string or space e.g. like this " "?

Hi @ElenaGadina

Go to ui explorer again and check the selector
U need to fine tune the selector based on blank as well as values


it will return me the error that " " is no item on this control

So I suggest to follow AshwinsS2 advise. This would do a proper analysis. feel free to post a screenshot of expandend visual tree with the different listitems

i solve the issue using send hot key with up and it work , Thanks a lot guys

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