How to select item in Combobox..?

I’m trying to make a simple process like below:
(1) Open browser + (delay)
(2) Attach Window
(x) Send hotkey (ctrl + p) +(delay)
(y) Select item (“Adobe PDF”)
(z) Send hotkey (enter)

However, the process from (2)-(y) to (2)-(z) doesn’t work .
A default item was re-selected when the (2)-(z) “enter” key accepted, although the item “Adobe PDF” was actually selected.
I thought “Select item” activity let the Combobox not only “select” but also “click” and to be active…
Please let me know the reason and how to solve this problem.


hi @ryoryo

Check the selector for the select item activity

Ashwin S

thanks for your kind comment.

Selector, related to “Select item”, are defined as follows:

<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='printer' />
<wnd aaname='printer(N) :' cls='ComboBoxEx32' />
<wnd aaname='printer(N) :' cls='ComboBox' />

anything wrong with these tags?

Hi @ryoryo

Don’t use aaname and try the Selector without Aaname


thanks for your comment !

but it still doesn’t work… actually other item, “RSupport Remote Printer 6” was selected…
ofcourse "Adobe PDF " is chosen at Input-item section.

<wnd app='iexplore.exe' cls='#32770' title='printer' />
<wnd omit:aaname='printer(N) :' cls='ComboBoxEx32' />
<wnd omit:aaname='printer(N) :' cls='ComboBox' />

Use UIExplorer .Validate your selectors.If you are omitting aaname ,you may require to add another unique attribute of that UIElement.
First you can drag drop a select item activity and then use the uiexplorer to indicate on the combobox .And there you can add and in the item you can provide the value which you want to select.

Text or Value will be there in selectors, to fetch the particular item of the dropdown.

I have build a workflow according to your requirements please check it and let me know if you need anything (81.1 KB)

Hi ryoryo,

for abode Pdf selection…
click on the box and do type into activity with pdf file path with extension.(sample.pdf) then no need to use select item… i think it works

Thanks for comment.
Im sorry but I’ve not understand how to use UI Explorer and actually what it is and how to use it yet .

  1. Drag and drop “select item activity”
  2. indicate on screen and choice combo box
  3. click “selector” in properties and “Open in UiExploer” on pop-up window

following this procedures I found the error message below…

Cannot find UI elment corresponding to selector<wnd app=‘iexploer.exe’ cls=‘#32770’ title=… (1.7 MB)

Hi rajsekhar
I got another result, means actually other item was chosen in select box…
set “a” in Type into activity and no choice in Combo box which start from “a” except for
“Adobe PDF”.

When I Running my process,
I could observe , the item “Adobe PDF” is chosen but actually changed other item before
the key enter accepted…

Thanks for your corporation.

the error below thrown, I have never seen the “selector”
<ctrl name=‘Folder View’ role=_‘list’ />
actually what these selectors are? and why i could not cound thsee selector
when I indicate on my screen?

Main has thrown an exception
Source: Select item ‘list Folder View’
Message: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: <ctrl name=‘Folder View’ role=_‘list’ />

Exception Type: SelectorNotFoundException

Just open your application and change selectors according to it

I could resolve the problem!
thanks a lot.